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Alfresco Development Services

Document management solutions

At pagematics, Alfresco is one of the platforms of our third party content management solutions. Alfresco has a rich set of features which make it the best candidate to host single point solutions for the content management needs for every type of business.

The built in architecture

Alfresco is built based on Java Enterprise Edition architecture. Java Enterprise world is fast paces, which makes it popular among the open source community. This is beneficial to Alfresco because it can utilize Java Enterprise's many features and bring them to the customers. By using Java, Alfresco can offer seamless portability if their clients want to move from one operating system to another.

Alfresco Share based Collaboration

This collaboration system provides features to improve the collaboration of users in an organization. Apart from document management, users can create public or private sites, forums, contacts etc, and make them accessible within Alfresco or any other external system.

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We design, build and support the most engaging and value-driven websites

Quality Assurance

We offer end-to-end quality assurance and testing services that deliver quantifiable results

Cloud Computing Services

We offer a full range of services related to setting up environments and developing web applications in cloud.

Software Development Services

Pagematics develops exciting and engaging high-performance software applications.

Proof of concept delivery

Proof of Concept of a software architecture containing different technologies delivered as a rapid prototyping service

Content management experts

Deliver document and web content management requirements utilizing industry standard products and services

Cloud infrastructure transition

We ensure a smooth and secure transition from current environment to highly reliable and scalable infrastructure in the cloud.