How IndiaNear Works


IndiaNear is a business listing platform that allows businesses to showcase their businesses. IndiaNear helps deliver a consistent online presence across all digital channels. The more you showcase your business, it gets more popular in the search engines, which makes your presence easily discoverable online by your customers.

Why Social Media Marketing is Important


Social media marketing is one of the most critical characters of digital marketing, which gives incredible advantages that help reach millions of users worldwide. Marketing in social media is one of the most adaptable and cost-effective methods that small businesses can use to reach their audience and boost sales over time. Many users use a business’s social media profile as a way to assess how connected you are with customers.

Twilio SMS API integration for A1 Rental Vans reservations


Naturally, each business has their set of specific requirements when it comes to selecting a platform to automate everything. When A1 Rental Vans Chicago approached us requesting a platform to manage their vehicle rental business, we were happy to provide all the technical assistance required to meet their requirements.

Setting up Smartwcm subscription module for CatholicBrain


Recently, a lot of clients come to us with a wide range of custom requirements. We are always happy to help and support them by sharing our technical expertise with then in every phase of new product development. We always try to do what is best for our clients and that is the reason for our success. CatholicBrain team approached us with the idea to create an educational platform for kids. The idea was exciting in itself and we felt that it was a great opportunity to be part of this noble cause.

How SitePM helped Coliman Pool Plasters


Small and medium business owners struggle to find time to manage their businesses and market them. Website is the most effective way to market a business. An eye-catching website is a solution to market small and medium businesses and this requires expertise for which the business entrepreneurs may not have the right technical team. The website also has to be managed and updated periodically. This also requires a professional team of technical experts.

Integrating Stripe payment for Smartwcm subscription module


Smartwcm payment module is one of the core features of Smartwcm platform by Pagematics. Our invoice and subscription modules are built based on the Smartwcm payment module. Implementing a payment module was not a simple task as security was one of the major concerns. Once you have a customer’s credit card details with you,

Setting up SSH keys for logging into Linux


SSH keys provide a secure way of logging into your server and are recommended for all users. The SSH uses public-key cryptography, also known as asymmetric cryptography, which uses a key pair consisting of a public key and a private key. If you use very strong SSH passwords, your accounts are already safe from brute force attacks. However, using public-key authentication provides many benefits when working with multiple users. Few of them are listed below

Reasons why a website is needed for a business


Know in detail why a website is a key element for the success of any business in this era.

Understand the process of website design and development


Get to know the complete process behind the design and development of a website

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