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Cloud-based services: environment set-up, storage&delivery

Cloud Computing Services

Application development and hosting services have advanced greatly since the creation of cloud computing technology. Cloud computing vendors provide an online ecosystem with many services for users to develop and deploy applications. This takes away many of the difficulties associated with managing simple websites and complex applications.

At pagematics, we specialize in setting up and configuring cloud computing environments, and deploying web applications on the cloud.

Why Us?

  • Suggesting the best cloud computing service for each business
  • Managing applications from cloud platform instead of in-house
  • Setting up the environment for your application
  • Providing exclusive training or mentoring on Liferay.
  • Extending or customizing Liferay out of the box features through Ext plug-in or Liferay Hooks.
  • Configuring the cloud storage required for your applications
  • Configuring the monitoring services for each application
  • Providing training related to cloud computing devices

Our core services

Web Design and Marketing We design, develop, support and do web-marketing the most engaging and value-driven websites.
Quality Assurance
We provide all kind of web-based software testing including functional, usability, user interface, performance, and security testing.
Cloud Computing Services
We offer a full range of services related to setting up environments and developing web applications in the cloud.
Mobile App Development Services We have extensive experience in creating high performing, feature-packed mobile applications for all the major mobile platforms.