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ListPM: A business listing and promotion platform



ListPM is a business listing platform that allows business users to showcase their businesses with the option for customers to provide their feedback and share their reviews. This platform not only allows businesses to promote themselves and reach their customers but will also help users to search for businesses of their requirements and share their experiences with other users by adding reviews, ratings, and images. ListPM allows location and category based search for businesses. Owners can easily signup and add their business, verify their details and then get the business published without any additional effort. Only verified emails and phone numbers will be published.
A business can also be added by any customer. They can signup and add the details of the business if they would like other customers to know about the business. The actual user of the business can later claim this business by verifying the business email and phone number. The user who added the business will not be set as the owner of the business and the business contact information will not be published until verified. Users can also signup to edit existing business details. These edits will just be stored as audits and will be published only if the administrator approves these edits. Users can also share the business page as an email to their friends from within the business page.
ListPM also provides three mobile applications along with the business listing platform which can be used by business owners to promote their business. ListPM Owner application allows the owner to collect customer information from the store, use the reward system to give reward points and option to redeem the points, share the social media URLs, etc. The ListPM Kiosk application can be set up in the business outlets where users can just enter their email or phone to be added to the system so that they can be part of the reward system and receive frequent updates. The ListPM business app is free to download and can be used by customers to search for businesses and add reviews and rating using the application.


Business Listing Platform

The business listing platform allows owners to add their business details and reach potential customers. Customers can also share their feedbacks that could help other customers.

Mobile Applications

The ListPM application will help users find and review businesses whereas the ListPM Owner and ListPM Kiosk applications will help owners promote their businesses.

Reward System

Users signing up through the ListPM Kiosk application will be automatically signed up for the reward points. Store owners can assign reward points for each purchase and also option to redeem these points.

Business Promotion

Business owners have the option to send their social media URLs as emails or SMS to their customers through the ListPM Owner app. This will help in the online marketing and promotion of their business.