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Complete payment solution for your subscription and invoices


Pagematics Payment Center

Pagematics Payment module is a very powerful payment management system with all the necessary features required for a business to manage its invoices, payments, recurring invoices, and subscriptions. Our payment module can be broadly divided into the Subscription and the Invoicing modules even though both of them are interconnected. All these features are integrated with Stripe so that users have the option to make payments using their credit card. Option to sign up users for automatic payments will make sure that services are never interrupted due to payment failures. We also have the option to create discount codes that can be applied during checkout to avail discounts, which will serve as a key in attracting customers.
The subscription module enables users to create subscriptions based on predefined plans that can be selected during the creation of a subscription. Whenever a subscription is created, an invoice will be generated for the subscription and email notifications will be sent to the customers with the details of the subscription. Users have the option to make payment using their credit card during the creation of the subscription. If a user does not make the payment immediately, they will always have the option to go to the invoices under the subscription to make the payment. These subscriptions will be renewed automatically by charging the userís credit card based on the subscription term and invoices will be sent to the user automatically.
Invoice module is another key feature under the pagematics payment module. There are options to create invoices and add line items to the invoice, specify the title description, quantity, and rate. There is also an option to specify the tax percentage so that tax is calculated automatically for the invoice. The due date of the invoice can also be specified during its creation. Invoices can be sent as an email to the customer. Customers can make a quick online payment for invoices by clicking on the link in the email without having to log in to the system. There is also an option for the administrator to process a refund from the invoice and the amount will be back in the account from which that was debited.
Recurring Invoices are another powerful feature under the invoices. Users have the option to create a recurring invoice and decide the date, month and day when they want these invoices to be generated. A copy of the recurring invoice will be generated automatically based on the period set by the user and it will be sent as an email to the user assigned to that invoice. This feature makes invoice management very easy when users have to generate invoices for the same service over and over again on a monthly or yearly basis. Just creating a recurring invoice will solve the issue. Since the invoices are sent automatically, customers can just click on the link and make quick payments without even login in.


Subscription Management

Ability to manage subscriptions is a key feature in our payment module. Administrators can create subscriptions for users or users can create a subscription for themselves. They can make their payments to activate their subscription. Automatic subscription renewals will ensure uninterrupted service so that the customer need not manually renew every time.

Invoice Management

An invoice will be automatically generated for all payments related to the subscription. Invoices can be manually created and sent to users as emails. Users have the option to make quick payments using their credit card without logging in. Administrators can collect payments in Cash and Check also and add that payment to the invoice

Stripe Integration

API integration with stripe is enabled in the payments module. This allows users to collect payments for invoices using a credit card instead of cash or check. There is also an option for the administrator to process a refund if required and the refund will be processed through stripe and the user will get his money back in the account.

Recurring Invoices

It is a tedious task to keep generating invoices for the same service each month or every year. Recurring invoices will solve that problem. All you have to do is create an invoice once and specify the date, month and day for the invoice to recur. The invoice will automatically be generated on the specified date and will be sent as an email to the customer.