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slider Smartwcm from Pagematics is a professional, easy to use website content management system.

Smartwcm: a website collaboration and administration tool



Smartwcm one of our flagship products is a business-friendly content management tool. Smartwcm reinvents the concept of being simple yet powerful, being able to provide all necessary features to design and build a website. Smartwcm simplifies management of multiple websites by handing over the reins to a common administrative control panel. This makes Smartwcm the perfect solution to manage different responsive websites for different product lines. Thus we help businesses by providing modern and advanced features and gives you the ability to incorporate your vision into the development of your site quickly and cost-effectively.

Why Us ?

  • We constantly update ourselves with the dynamic online experience requirements of our clients
  • Smartwcm saves organizations from the challenges of managing a responsive website
  • We convert your website into an effective marketing tool
  • Smartwcm is the perfect blend of being powerful and business friendly
  • We provide a positive online experience for customers and thus are a direct contributor to an increase in sales