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Software development
using modern methodologies
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Amazon, Google and Microsoft cloud platforms
for quick return of investment and turnover
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We design, develop and deliver high-tech software solutions to improve the functionality of businesses. With our exceptional pool of technical and design expertise, we have developed powerful web content and portal management solutions that can be utilized by companies of different sizes.

We established the most transparent software development processes, direct communications, short feedback loops, and fast issue resolution. We have extensive experience in formulating and developing software and utilize the best technology to help businesses make a strong impact in the online world.

The solutions we provide are completely customizable and maintainable for every type of business, while enabling them to accomplish any objective, large or small.

Our core services

Web Design and Marketing We design, develop, support and do web-marketing the most engaging and value-driven websites.
Quality Assurance
We provide all kind of web-based software testing including functional, usability, user interface, performance, and security testing.
Cloud Computing Services
We offer a full range of services related to setting up environments and developing web applications in the cloud.
Mobile App Development Services We have extensive experience in creating high performing, feature-packed mobile applications for all the major mobile platforms.
pagematics Proof of concept delivery

Proof of concept delivery

Proof of Concept of a software architecture containing different technologies delivered as a rapid prototyping service
pagematics Content management experts

Content management experts

Deliver document and web content management requirements utilizing industry standard products and services
pagematics Cloud infrastructure transition

Cloud infrastructure transition

We ensure a smooth transition from the current traditional hosting environment to a highly reliable and scalable infrastructure in the cloud.
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